Reading Literature

The Reading Literature Standards ensure that students are exposed to a range of narrative reading.  A variety of tasks and texts are addressed in these standards.  Reading should be done at increasingly more challenging levels each year.

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RL.K.1: Asking and Answering Questions in Literature

RL.K.2: Retelling Stories

RL.K.3: Major Events in a Story  

RL.K.3: Story Elements

RL.K.4: Ask and Answer Questions about Unknown Vocabulary

RL.K.5: Types of Text

RL.K.6: The Roles of the Author and Illustrator in Literature

RL.K.7: The Illustrations and the Text

RL.K.8 Not applicable to Reading Literature

RL.K.9: Comparing and Contrasting Characters

RL.K.10: Text Complexity Part 1   

RL.K.10:  Text Complexity Part 2

 Rl.K.10: Text Complexity at the Kindergarten Level