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Welcome to the Axelson Academy

This site is designed to assist teachers and parents in deciphering how the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) translate into practical applications of instruction.  The Axelson Academy of Literacy provides a comprehensive and detailed map of Common Core Reading skills.  Unlike other CCSS-based curriculum maps and lessons, the Axelson Academy provides short, video-taped mini-lessons.  In less than five minutes, teachers and parents are visually introduced to why a skill is important, how it fits in the continuum of literacy learning and ways in which that specific skill can be effectively instructed.  Use the tabs at the top of this page to select a strand of the Common Core.  Each skill on the map has a link to a video that explains the skill.

Common Core Reading Maps

The graphic organizers on each page are maps of the Common Core Standards.  The manner in which the shapes drop down from each strand is purposeful in its organization.  The green circles show the kindergarten standards.  Each of these standards drops down to the first grade standard on that particular skill (purple circles), which then drops down to the second grade standards (peach circles).  This allows for viewers to see what skills precede the skills being taught and what skills will be taught in the following grades.  Clicking on the smaller versions of these maps under each tab will open a PDF file of the map.  This will be larger, so you can read the map, and will link to the video mini-lessons that provide instructional ideas.

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View an example video from the Kindergarten Platform by clicking below. 

The complete range of kindergarten videos is available for free on this website.