Reading Foundational Skills

The Reading Foundational Skills strand of the Common Core Standards applies to students in kindergarten through 5th grade.  These standards foster basic alphabetic principals and print concepts.  Although these skills do not solely create a good reader, they are integral components of a balanced literacy program.  As stated in the CCSS, “Instruction should be differentiated: good readers will need much less practice with these concepts than struggling readers will.  The point is to teach students what they need to learn and not what they already know- to discern when particular children or activities warrant more or less attention” (CCSS, p.15).  The links below lead to the maps of the Reading Foundational Skills.  Various instructional strategies are provided for the standards when you click on the green circles.

For ease of use, the Reading Foundational Skills have been divided into two parts: The  first map shows the Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness Skills, and Fluency Skills that are to be mastered.  The second map shows the Phonics portion of the Reading Foundational Skills.

Click below for the maps (with links to explanatory videos) covering the Reading Foundation Skills.  Print Concepts, Phonological Skills, and  Fluency are covered in the map in the left and the Phonics portion of the Reading Foundational Skills on the right.   

Phonemic Map

Phonics map














The two overview maps show how the concepts covered in the above maps fit into the larger range of ELA Common Core concepts.

phonemic overview

phonics overview







To skip the map, click on the standard below and directly view the coinciding video.

Reading Foundational Skills Overview

RF.K.1a-c: Kindergarten Print Concepts

RF.K.1d: Working with Letters

RF.K.2a: Rhyming Part 1  

RF.K.2a: Rhyming Part 2

Precursor Skills to RF.K.2b: Phonological Segmentation 

RF.K.2b: Words into Syllables Part 1

RF.K.2b: Words into Syllables Part 2 

RF.K.2b: Using the Phonemic Segmentation Template 

RF.K.2b: Elkonin Boxes

RF.K.2c: Onset and Rime

RF.K.2d: Activities for Reinforcing and Extending Phonemic Awareness

RF.K.2e: Manipulating Sounds: Word Building

RF.K.3a & b Segmentation Using Finger Blending and Finger Spelling 

RF.K.3a & b: Blending Unfamiliar Words: Nonsense Word Fluency 

RF.K.3b: Long and Short Vowels

RF.K.3c: Sight Words

RF.K.3d: Exploring Letter Sound Correspondence

RF.K.4: Read Emergent Texts and Text Complexity